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Rift Valley Vision Program is named after the world’s Greatest Rift Valley – where the vision was born. This gigantic rift extends from Yemen through Red sea to Mozambique .The Ethiopian Rift Valley system begins in Afar region of Northern Ethiopia, passes through Oromia and South Nation Nationalities Peoples region and enters into Kenya.

Rift Valley Vision Program was established formally on Jan 2001. The program focuses on equipping and sending local missionary in partnership with local churches, Church mobilization for missions, Children Holistic Development, Community Holistic Transformation, Capacity building to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and plant churches particularly in Ethiopia and horn of Africa.

Currently the mission’s operation area of the program mainly concentrates in the central rift valley area. However there are outreach posts almost in all federal regions of the Nation. It is the vision of the program to expand operation and reach out those pocket areas in the country where Gospel has to be taken. In distant future the program visions to do the same in the other Africa and Middle East countries. 

Rift Valley Vision Program is mission oriented and interdenominational program. The program is based in Ethiopia and its head office is located in Hawassa city. Hawassa is a city found 273 kilo meters (which as approximatly168 miles) south of Addis Ababa. Hawassa is capital city of Southern Nations, Nationality and People regional state. Beside this Rift valley vision program has eight coordinating office including Addis Ababa main capital city of Ethiopia.

Rift Valley Vision program is led by a director which oversees the day-to-day operation of the program and engages with local and national churches. The program is supervised by board of Evangelical churches fellowship of South Ethiopia.